Genius #1 Top cow Cover

GENIUS #1 Preview

MATURE READERS ONLY What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born to a people who are already supremely conditioned to wage war, who know nothing but violence since birth, and must continually adapt to new predators in order to survive? What if the second coming of Alexander the Great, of Genghis Khan,…

Smallville Lantern 2 (1)


Clark Kent is just beginning to grasp the potential of the Green Lantern ring, but all of John Stewart’s training hasn’t prepared him for the battle they’re about to face. Will Clark need to use his natural super powers to defeat an enemy John fears?

Galtow #3  (7)

Galtow #3 Preview

Set in the year 2015, GALTOW centers upon four characters: The silent master JIYA, The massive warrior KEYLON JAKES, the flamboyant Ninja WU REYMOS, and the psychotic LADY CAFA as they fight to survive a post-apocalyptic New York. The main story takes place almost twenty-five years since the conclusion of The Second Vietnam War. The…

ajala 6

Ajala: A Series Of Adventures #1

Writer: Robert Garrett                 Penciller: N Steven Harris            Colorists: Beni Olea and Brian McGee. In this edition of Ajala: A Series of Adventures, we are introduced to Ajala, her family and friends. We also get to see her in action confronting some thieves robbing…

Ajala A Series Of Adventures #2  (4)

Ajala: A Series Of Adventures #2

Ajala Storm has a lot of friends and was just until a few weeks ago the most popular girl in middle school, a normal girl, just a little smarter than most and a bit of a tomboy. Ajala would be completely normal if she wasn’t a Junior Agent for the C.S.C., being educated and trained…

Watson and Holmes #3 (1)

Watson and Holmes #3 Preview

So you say you can’t get enough of this modernized take on the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson? We have that and more. Like what? How about an enigmatic figure with a connection to Holmes’ past? Or a mysterious group of mercenaries who move through NYC taking out their targets with ruthless…

Brotherhood of the Fringe

Brotherhood Of The Fringe

The Fringe in a nutshell is a world where a woman of an oppressed people, is allowed to live amongst the privileged, is found to be a collaborator of an insurgent group called The Fringe. As a result, the authorities of an exploitative corporate regime apprehend her. Due to her intimate knowledge of the insurgency…

UncannyXFORCE2013#10 (1)

Uncanny X-force (2013) #10 Preview

The skies of Madripoor run red as Uncanny X-Force face off against Fantomex…Fantomex…and Fantomex! We know what Psylocke did last summer, and it’s a doozy! Find out in this edition of Uncanny X-Force True Hollywood Story. Storm has no tolerance for your drama. She is a mutant, a goddess, and a headmistress. She’s got enough…

dusu2 1

DUSU: Path of the Ancient #2

Description “And when man and beast are one, the world shall hold its breath in fear.” – UUN-SIL SHA (Light Upon Feathers) Dusu’s Path is clouded with the discovery of love and the outside world. A revelation of colors and sounds that have been cloaked from him since birth. He becomes further undone when another…



Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Quantum and Woody #2 by award-winning writer James Asmus (Thief of Thieves, Gambit) and acclaimed artist Tom Fowler (Venom, Hulk: Season One)! Brace yourself – the summer’s most anticipated origin story is at large and on the run this August! Eric and Woody Henderson have accidentally…

Green Lantern Corp 21 (5)


It’s nonstop action as the Green Lantern Corps faces attacks on Oa and Earth…and Guy Gardner is presented with a choice that could change the balance of power between the different Lantern Corps forever! New black Power Couple: John Stewart/Green Lantern and Fatality/Yrra Cynril appear together in this issue.


Aisha #1 Preview

Written and Illustrated by muyiwa gbadegesin sunkanmi akinboye Aisha begins a delicate investigation on a criminal organization and begins to suspect that all is not as it seems. Will she escape the traps set for her? Aisha is a street orphan turned ninja crime-fighter battling powerful but mysterious criminal forces on the streets of Lagos,…

Age of Ultron #2 (3)

Age of Ultron #1-2 Preview

Age of Ultron #1 For years the heroes of the Marvel Universe have lived in fear that the artificial intelligence known as Ultron would one day evolve to fulfill its desire to wipe out all organic life and take over the Earth — that day has arrived. This massive 10-part Marvel Universe-spanning event is brought…

Green Lantern Corps #20 Preview (1)

Green Lantern Corps #20 Preview

“WRATH OF THE FIRST LANTERN” epilogue! In the aftermath of their battle against the First Lantern and the Guardians, it’s up to Guy Gardner, John Stewart and the other survivors to try to put the Corps back together, or decide if there should even BE a Corps anymore. Join Peter Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin for…

vescell08 (1)

Vescell #8 Preview

WARNING: This preview contains mature content. “The K.A.T.I. Agenda” – Driving down the highway of Destiny Agent Barrino and his comrades in arms find themselves on a head on collision with fate. Prepare yourself for the season finale of VESCELL.

justice league 18 3

Justice League #18 Preview

Cyborg takes center stage as events fall into place for next month’s massive new story arc: “OFF THE GRID”! Also, Batman continues to be question the Superman/Wonder Woman alliance and Aquaman’s future with the League. Plus: The Shazam backup story reveals the origin of Black Adam—and what it means for Billy Batson’s survival!


Abraham #1 Preview

Written and Illustrated by Blackstar Shabach Jedidiah meets with his first interview of the investigation and learns things about his father that he never knew, while we see a peek of Abraham’s community activism. Many years after the disappearance of his father Col. Abraham Godchild, his son Jedidiah reopens the investigation, in search of the…

Genius (1)

Pilot Season: Genius #1

What if the greatest military mind of our generation was born in strife, surrounded by violence and combat since birth? When the gauntlet is dropped, the question isn’t “How did 17-year-old Destiny Ajaye unite the gangs of South Central into a killer army and declare war on the LAPD?” No, the question is, “Can anyone…

Earth 2 #5 (1)

Earth 2 #5 Preview

It’s the final showdown with GRUNDY! The Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and The Flash take on Grundy and the military’s hero, The Atom! The Green Lantern makes a choice that will change the course of Earth 2 forever! Black Hero: Hawkgirl

Danger Club #4 (1)

Danger Club #4 Preview

Chaos, blood, and betrayal all take center stage as tensions amongst the sidekicks rise. Meanwhile, The Magician takes a private journey into the darkness while seeking answers to the fate of the lost superheroes.

X-Men #37 (1)

X-Men #37 Preview

Meet the last living Proto-Mutant! The Storm-Cyclops divide widens as the team starts to unravel Colossus has his own agenda…will he leave the team to pursue it?  

Halloween Eve1

Halloween Eve #1

Eve has an imagination that’s more than active – it can be downright dangerous! Working late at the costume super-store Halloween Land, she gets lost in her own thoughts until something goes bump in the night. The rubber masks and plastic novelties are coming to life, and Eve must face ghosts, goblins, and gorilla suits…