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Heimdall Wallpaper

Heimdall wallpaper

Howling Commandos wallpaper

The Captain America Movie is almost here check out Gabe Jones and his very large gun, along with the howling commandos in this new wallpaper!

Kingpin wallpaper

Michael Clarke Duncan as the controversial black Kingpin from the movie Daredevil!

Cyrax Wallpaper

In celebration of the release of the bloody multiracial fightfest that is mortal kombat here is a new wallpaper! :)

Tanya Wallpaper

New Wallpaper coming at ya! The Villainous Tanya!

The lovely lady Tanya!

Mohawk Storm Wallpaper

Old school Storm wields wicked lightning!

Storm “electrified”

Black Panther Triumphant Wallpaper

Here’s a cool new image to keep your home screen warm :)

Black Panther “Triumphant!”

Christmas Wallpaper

Have a great Holiday BH fans, Ill be back soon!

X-Men's Storm "Holiday"

Haloween Wallpaper

It’s been awhile since I sent you guys some wallpaper so here he is,  new Black supervillain, Shadowcatcher!


Blade vs Spider-man Wallpaper

How do you take on a vampiric Spider-man? call Blade!That’s how!


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