Mighty Avengers 2013 #12 cover

Mighty Avengers (2013) #12 Review

It’s Election Night, 1972. Under a moonless sky, unspeakable evil slouched towards Manhattan to be born…and the only people who could hold it back were the original Mighty Avengers. Meanwhile, in the present day – history repeats itself! But this time, have the Mighty Avengers already failed?

Storm header

Storm (2014) #1 Review

Thief. Goddess. Headmistress. Queen. The X-Man called STORM has always defied a single title. And her desire to better the world has never been limited to only her own kind. On a mission to foster goodwill and safeguard the mutant race’s continued existence in her own way, Storm will travel the globe, confronting man and mutant, god and monster and everything inbetween. She will overthrow tyrants, quell tsunamis and strive to see her dream for the world realized. She is STORM, a hero like no other….and the skies will tremble at the sight of their namesake!

Miles Morales The Ultimate Spider-man #3 cover

Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #3 Review

PART THREE OF “REVIVAL” THE MOST SHOCKING SPIDER-MAN STORY OF THE YEAR MILES MORALES comes face-to-face with the worst nightmare of the Ultimate SPIDER-MAN Legacy…
NORMAN OSBORN…the GREEN GOBLIN…the man who killed PETER PARKER… or did he?   The Good Confession- It’s one of those time honored superhero traditional moments where the hero tells his girlfriend…

Deathlok Henry Hayes  header

Henry Hayes (Character)

Meet the NEW DEATHLOK! Mild mannered Henry Hayes is a medic who travels to war zones to heal the wounded, he has no idea however that when he’s in the field, he’s activated by a mysterious group and becomes the ultimate weapon of assassination and war!?

Savage Dragon #195 header 2

Savage Dragon #195 Review

It’s hard enough being a 17-year-old kid, but when you’re juggling schoolwork, dating and a deadly menace hell-bent on leveling the city of Chicago? Well, you’ve just entered the world of the all-new, all-different Savage Dragon! Malcolm Dragon is on the run and his girlfriend Maxine Lai is caught in the crossfire!

New Warriors (2014) #7 Review

New Warriors (2014) #5, #6 and #7 Review

  With half the team trapped in the bowels of mysterious and very probably haunted WUNDAGORE MOUNTAIN, the rest of the all-new New Warriors deal with the bar scene in Prague! A look inside the mind of happy go lucky SPEEDBALL, the most hated man in America. A dog and cat play chess, the result…

Hollow 4

Hollow (Character)

Publisher: Marvel Comics Created by Chris Yost, Nick Roche and David Baldeon 1st appearance: New Warriors (2014) #6 Alias: Unknown Nationality:  American Team Affiliations: The Tribe Legal Status: Unknown Height: 5’9                Weight: 210 lbs Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Bald Relatives: Unknown Skills and abilities: Apparently he’s a skilled tracker. Powers: As an Inhuman he appears to have the ability to phase his body whether…

New Suicide Squad #1 cover

New Suicide Squad #1 Review

The world has changed for Task Force X, a.k.a. the Suicide Squad. Director Amanda Waller no longer has the autonomy she once had. New members disrupt the team dynamic. And the team takes on an international scope. New members Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke and Black Manta join Harley Quinn and Deadshot for a mission in the most dangerous and unpredictable place in the world: Vladimir Putin’s Russia!

BlackFire (1)

Black Fire (Character)

Publisher:  Advent Comics Created by:  Tony Kittrell 1st appearance:  Champions of Hope Graphic Novel (cameo); God Cell: Gate of the God #1 Nationality:  African-American Aliases:  None Team Affiliations:  None Legal Status:  Citizen of the United States with no criminal record Height:  6’6   Weight:  495 lbs Eyes:  Brown         Hair:  Black Relatives:   Douglas (Father), Patricia (Daughter), Curtis…

Mighty Avengers #11 cover

Mighty Avengers (2013) #11 Review

Dr Adam Brashear, super-scientist! James Lucas, cop on the edge! Kaluu, master of black magic! Constance Molina, two-fisted reporter! The Bear, explosives expert and were-woman! Blade, vampire slayer!

In 1972, they banded together to fight what couldn’t be fought alone – as the Mighty Avengers!

This issue, Luke Cage confronts his father – to learn the secrets of the Avengers that time forgot!

X-men #14

X-men (2013) #13 and #14 Review

The Jean Grey School is under attack, leaving a young X-Man dead on the school’s front lawn.

Jubilee’s worst nightmare has come to pass, Storm and her daughter Kymera have a heart to heart… and the future’s being rewritten!

Marvel 4th of fuly teaser

Could the Falcon be the new Captain America?

  This coming Monday fans will learn the identity of the NEW Captain America! The image above has been making the rounds today after Steve Rogers de-powerment at the hands of villain “Iron Nail”. Speculation is high across social media that the Falcon/Samuel Wilson will be the one to take over the mantle. Some may…

New Warriors (2014) #4 Review

New Warriors (2014) #4 Review

THE KIDS ARE ALL FIGHT (PART 4 of 4) The end is here as the Second Evolutionary War begins! The New Warriors face off against the High Evolutionary. Can they stop world-wide genocide? Should they? How many lives would you sacrifice to save all of humanity? Judgement is coming for the Marvel Universe. Summary In…

Earth2 #25 cover

Earth 2 #25 Review

In this extra-sized issue, Val-Zod finally accepts his role as the new Superman of Earth 2 as he faces the twisted, brutal original Superman, who once protected the planet but now prepares it for Apokolips and the forces of Darkseid. The Good Art- Nicola Scott’s still here and still kicking ass on the artistic front.…

New Avengers #20 cover

New Avengers (2013) #20 Review

How far is Doctor Strange willing to go to protect the Earth from the Great Society? Too far…   The Good Cover- Mostly red hued with the New Avengers sign serving as the runic symbol as Doctor Strange kills the great society, I like it! Fight- I’ve waited a mighty long time for this book…