Allnewcaptainamerica#2 1

All New Captain America #2 Review

The new Hydra has formed, comprised of the most ruthless villains of the Marvel Universe as the great infiltration continues! Cap uncovers the ultimate goal of the new Hydra but is it too late to stop them? Cap and Nomad’s new partnership is put to the ultimate test as they race to uncover The Sect…

old navy

Meet the Independents: Lincoln Farquharson

 Lincoln Farquharson has had dreams of being a writer from as far back as eleven years old. In his youth X-men and Star Trek were his inspirations. His writing aspiration however shifted when he was introduced to a little game called Dungeons and Dragons. Here Lincoln would streamline his writing art as a dungeon master.…



Publisher: Marvel Comics Created by: Eric Jerome Dickey 1st appearance: Storm Vol.2 #1, 2008 Nationality: Wakandan Team Affiliations: Unknown Legal Status: Unknown Height: 5’10                    Weight: 190 lbs Eyes: Brown                       Hair: Black Relatives: Kenja (Daughter), Unnamed Wife (Status Unknown), Storm (Adopted Daughter) Skills and Abilities: Master thief and capable leader. Powers:  None Biography…

midnight tiger 0

Midnight Tiger #0 Review

Sometimes all it takes to become a hero is an unfortunate incident and a single split second decision. Behold the origin of Midnight Tiger! At long last the origin of the Midnight Tiger! (Fangirl Scream!)   The Good Art- Ray-Anthony Height is the artist and plotter of this book and for the most part the…


Avengers and X-men: Axis #6 Review

ACT II: INVERSION The Axis of Evil have won, who is left to stop them? Rogue and Nightcrawler vs Mystique! Thor vs Loki! Magneto and Quicksilver vs The Scarlet Witch! This is it, the face of the new world disorder–The Astonishing Avengers are formed! The Good Cover-This time the cover has been cut diagonally. The…

CaptainAmericaandtheMightyAvengers#1 1

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #1 Review

Spinning directly out of AVENGERS & X-MEN: AXIS! Sam Wilson has become Captain America, and when he assembles the Mighty Avengers, he has a whole new mission statement in mind for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. But how do the events of AXIS already spell doom for the team’s new direction? And what is Luke Cage doing meeting with the head of the notorious Cortex corporation? And why is Spider-Man trying to rejoin the team–doesn’t he know Luke and Jessica have been itching for payback ever since he tried to take their daughter to Child Services back when he was “Superior”?!


Avengers and X-men: Axis #3 Review

ACT I: THE RED SUPREMACY With the heroes lost, the world’s fate lies in the hands of the vilest syndicate known to man. Scarlet Witch is forced to join Dr. Doom, the man who unleashed her power to cause M-Day, or she will watch those she loves most die. The return of one of the…


Avengers and X-men: Axis #2 Review

ACT I: THE RED SUPREMACY The heroes of the Marvel Universe storm the beaches of Red Skull’s Genoshian Reeducation camps. What they discover within will lead to a bleak new era. The revelation of Tony Stark’s dark secret promises to shatter the fragile alliance between A and X. The all-new Captain America pays a terrible…

All new Captain America #1 1

All New Captain America #1 Review

This is it! The all-new, Spy-Fi, highflying adventures of Sam Wilson Captain America and Nomad begin here!

Hydra is growing, the terrorist band have has infiltrated the Marvel Universe completely! But what is their ultimate goal?

United by Hydra, Cap’s rogue’s gallery gathers to take down the new untested Captain America and Nomad!

Axis cover 3

Avengers and X-men: Axis #1 Review

 ACT I: THE RED SUPREMACY The Red Skull has exploited the gifts of the world’s greatest telepath to broadcast pure hatred across the globe. Now, born of the murder of Charles Xavier, World War Hate has begun. Tony Stark discovers a secret truth that will upend not only his life, but also the lives of…

Storm#2 1

Storm (2014) #2 Review

 STORM is on a mission to use her extraordinary powers for the betterment of not just mutantkind, but the entire world. When wayward youth start disappearing from the streets of New York, Storm is reminded of her own past as a thief and decides to investigate. But little does she suspect that the culprit behind…

Chadwick Boseman (4)

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Aaron Boseman (born November 29, 1976) is an American actor, playwright, and screenwriter. He is best known for portraying Jackie Robinson in the 2013 film 42 and James Brown in 2014’s Get On Up. He will be starring as the superhero Black Panther in Captain America: Civil War which will be released in May…


Chadwick Boseman is Marvel’s Black Panther!?

  With the AXIS event looming in the marvel comics division, comes awesome news that the often speculated and never confirmed before today movie of the king of the Wakanda T’challa the Black Panther will make it’s big screen debut in theaters coming November 2017!   At the head of the list was the title Captain…