Twintelle ‚Äčis a playable character from ARMS. She is a movie star and uses the ARMS in her hair to fight.

Twintelle is a dark-skinned woman with white hair and pink highlights. The hair is two ARMS arranged like pigtails. She wears a black mask, a white sleeveless top with her emblem on her chest, tight black pants with a purple line going down the sides and a pair of sneaker heels. She has an athletic yet curvy build, and substantial thighs like Bayonetta.

Official Bio

The mega celeb, star of the silver screen tries her hand…er, hair at the ARMS Grand Prix. Not content with her acting awards and accolades, she’s gonna use those stretchy silver locks to take the ARMS title! Oh, and while she’s charging up, her actress aura can slow down incoming ARMS!


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