Aveline de Grandpré

Aveline de Grandpré (1747 – unknown) was an Assassin of French and African heritage, who lived in the area of New Orleans during the middle of the 18th century. She is an ancestor to “Subject 1”.

Born to the wealthy French merchant Philippe de Grandpré and an African slave by the name of Jeanne, Aveline was raised in a comfortable and privileged environment. After her mother disappeared in 1757, Aveline was cared for and brought up by her stepmother, Madeleine de L’Isle, whom her father had married five years prior.

Shrewd by nature, Aveline noticed the contrasts present within the society she lived in and, at the age of twelve, resolved to act against this injustice. Following an attempt to rescue a man from enslavement, she met the Assassin Agaté, who was impressed by her dedication to pursuing freedom. He decided to take Aveline under his wing, training her to become an official member of the Brotherhood.

Aveline subsequently grew into her role of an Assassin, fighting to defend the oppressed slaves of New Orleans. At the age of eighteen, she became aware of a slave trafficking enterprise being run in New Orleans by a high-ranking Templar, known only as the “Company Man”. Hunting down several of his subordinates, Aveline sought to shut down the Templar’s operations and eventually discovered the slaves’ destination, a work camp in Chichen Itza.

After she liberated said slave community from Templar influence, procuring a valuable First Civilization artifact in the process, Aveline returned to New Orleans to resume her hunt for the Company Man. Several years later, she journeyed to New York to pursue a lead that would allow her to uncover the Templar’s true identity. In this, she was aided by the Kanien’kehá:ka Assassin, Ratonhnhaké:ton, known by his adopted name of Connor.

With his help, Aveline discovered the Company Man had been her own stepmother all along. Following a short confrontation at the de Grandpré mansion, Aveline fled to the Louisiana Bayou to inform Agaté, with disastrous consequences. She then returned to Madeleine, pretending to go along with her induction into the Templar Order, before she assassinated all the members present, thus finally ridding New Orleans of Templar influence.

In 2012, her genetic memories became the basis of a publicly released video game titled Liberation, which was developed in partnership by Abstergo Entertainment and Ubisoft.


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