All New, All Different Marvel Point One (2015) #1 Review

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In the aftermath of SECRET WARS, it’s an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe, and this is your one-stop entry point to the changes and mysteries that have developed during the eight months that have passed! Featuring new stories of DAREDEVIL, CARNAGE, CLASSFIED, CLASSIFIED, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. and CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS!

What I thought

Things start off with the Maestro in his Stark Like chest plate and obviously wielding the Soul Sword currently running around in the Inferno secret wars book, quibbling with the Collector (the modern version which looks allot like the Movie rendition) about the contest of Champions. Maestro looks all across Earth 616 for potential recruits. First up is the maniac Carnage, 90’s Spider-man Villain. Secondly is new age sensations Groot and Rocket Racoon. Third Marvel’s Agents of Shield: Daisy, Deathlok, Agent May, Fitz, Jemma and Coulson as they take on Hydra. Maestro also scopes out Daredevil and his new Asian Sidekick. He finally settles on Daredevil’s master Stick and prepares to continue the Contest of Champions. Allnewmarvelpointone#1 4

I was impressed by the Agents of shield bit, I’m a fan of the show (Whedonite since Buffy) and this felt right plus I got a fanboy broner by virtue of these characters taking the jump from TV to comics like Shard of Fox’s 90’s X-men series. Mockingbird’s popularity is soaring and I’m all for it. Love me some Bobbi Morse!

The New inhuman series featuring the return of Crystal to prominence was also quite good, especially the art. Crystal looks sexy as f**k with short hair. The New Inhuman has a neat power though nothing we have not seen before.

As good as the story was though it also brought something glaring to my mind……most of these Inhumans are still like most superheroes just a bunch of white people. The terrigen cloud is sterilizing mutants and there are so many internet rumors that Marvel is doing this to cut off the potential life’s blood of Fox Studious (go google it that’s all I’m saying). Mutants were diverse and randomly appeared. Inhumans especially the original Inhumans are all about selective breeding of white people…..yet even those who had supposedly forsaken this selectivity have ended up being a bunch of white folk. Flint is our token black Inhuman….oh and that guy Storm fought before her series are the only black Inhumans I’ve seen so far. Kamala Khan is Muslim American and Dante is Hispanic but there seems to be less black Inhumans and that rubs me the wrong way especially if they are to usurp the mutants of the marvel universe. The X-men have always had strong black mutants (Don’t mention Maggott please) from Storm, to Monet, to Bishop to the more obscure Angel Salvadore and Jessie Bedlam. Allnewmarvelpointone#1 2Black Hero fans need to keep an eye on this “diversification” mantra as it relates to the Inhumans because we are not getting as much out of this deal as we are clearly giving up with the mutants relocation plans (See black superhero invasion for the details). Is Marvel subconsciously telling us in the new Marvel Universe that Black Inhumans are rare? Or that the Inhumans being white folk who believed in selective breeding like Hitler carried their racism around for centuries and only interbred with Muslims and Hispanics? Hmmm….

Daredevil’s Asian sidekick has potential but it’s clearly not aimed at me since I left it felling more ‘meh’ than excited. This issue also spoils in a major way that Battleword will not be completely destroyed at the end of Secret Wars which already lessens anything that may happen in the final issue.



Overall this issue made me excited for Contest of Champions and Agents of Shield, made me weary of the New Inhumans lack of true diversity. I’m also excited by the humor of Rocket Raccoon and Groot everything else….not so much. That’s four titles of an introduced six so Marvel is still at least capturing my attention. We give this issue 3/5 stars

stars- 3 good


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3 thoughts on “All New, All Different Marvel Point One (2015) #1 Review

  • October 12, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Thanks Ryn for speaking the truth about the Inhumans. I quickly was turn off by the lack of diversity when I started collecting the comic last year. It’s sad that Marvel has placed the Xmen in the trunk of their comic universe because of the movies politics.

    • October 12, 2015 at 11:07 pm

      But you guys are forgetting Grid and Ajay Roy (indian), Gabriela Pertuz and her kid (hispanic), Agent Garza, Hollow and Nightfall, who are brown/black and also Iso, Quake, Haechi and Ren (asian).
      Most ”white guys” were introduced in the tie-ins of the Inhumanity event and in comics completly unrelated to the inhumans, there was no other seeing of them. The Nuhumans in the Inhumans comics are a very diverse team and their tales have been a joy to read, they may not have that many black characters as the xmen but cover very well in other ethinicities who are underrepresented in the MU.
      Sorry for whriting errors, Portuguese is my mother language and not English.


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