We Are Robin #3 Review

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The Robins finally meet Batman himself…but is it everything they imagined it would be? And what will the Dark Knight think of them?

What I thought
I like the vibe on the covers of this series. The way the logo is splashed with blood across the top of the cover really gives a sense of how street level and dirty the book is. The interiors meanwhile have the stylized and fitting art of Jorge Corona. Thus issue is centred on the defusing of bombs and dealing with a crazed mob. This is where the book shows you that it is Batman Incorporated with Robin as the template and being implemented on a local street level scene. It is used to great effect to show how having a team of Robins works and it is impressive.

While I enjoyed the tale I found the inevitable death of one member a bit too predictable. Mind you it was what the group needed but I saw it coming and I’m sure other long time Robin/Batman/Superhero team fans knew this moment had to happen before the team could really come together while also realizing that being a hero is serious business. The issue also carried with it a decent amount of emotion thanks to the situation and its results. We also learn the identity of the mysterious benefactor…..is that Alfred Pennyworth? Also as a testament to how out of DC continuity I am that “Batman” the latest new one showed up in his….War Machine inspired suit and for a split second I thought it was the 90’s and wandered what the hell was I seeing.
All around a very enjoyable tale with good art, action and character driven moments! 3/5 Stars

stars- 3 good


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One thought on “We Are Robin #3 Review

  • September 19, 2015 at 2:33 am

    Really enjoyed this one .
    I have been fallowing this series since the beginning but with this issue I decided to add the title to my saver
    I thought the art was really successful and did an excellent job of moving the story along
    But what really sold me was the story
    I thought the story was simply great
    I really like the idea of young people being motivated ( by altruism and adrenaline) to gather themselves together to fight crime and save lives .This kind of impromptu collective action aided by social media was to my eyes some thing refreshing and a welcome change from the hatefulness and hopelessness that permeates most of the rest of the newsstand comics
    I found the death of Troy as he sacrificed himself to defuse the bomb to be genuinely moving ( and I don’t get very much of that out of comics any more ) and in the comic book hero traditions ( something we do not see very much of these days .)
    I really liked all the little details in the story
    The character barfing in relief after Troy defuses the first bomb . ( an authentic and humorous touch )
    Shug’s interaction with her Mother as she is summoned downstairs for diner and what was on the table ( a nicely humorous and domestic- and to my mind- very realistic – moment
    Also her dismay and hurt when amour ed and authoritarian Bat man appears at he fight scene and handles the Robins as roughly as the rioters and orders them to leave ,To my eyes he equated them with rioters
    I came away from this book with the feeling that creative team cared as much about the story and the characters as I have come to
    That is a rare thing these days


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