Crimson Flame (Character)

crimson flame


Publisher: ?

Created by: Addison Hall and illustrated by Mshindo Kumba

First Appearance: ?

Real Name: Addileon Brad-Shawn Hall

Legal Status: Unknown

Citizenship: Unknown

Group Affiliation: None

Eye Color: Shifting between Dark Brown & Light Brown when not accessing power (depending on mood), Black when accessing power.

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Weight: 230 lbs                      Height: 6’3

Relatives: Addison B. Hall (Dad), A-MiSha-D (Mom)

Skills and Abilities: Unknown

Powers: Addileon can generate a yet unmeasured amount of energy that, when powered up, emanates off his body in a visible crimson hued luminescence known as the Krimson Flame. This power comes directly from the fusion of the powers of the two ancient Nubian Evils. He can focus this energy into differing points of his body to augment their attributes. Addileon can also manipulate this energy as to create projectiles of various degrees, strengths & sizes. He has an affinity of creating energy balls & energy beams. He’ll also fire energy daggers & eye beams. Addileon also has the ability to create two-dimensional rifts in space time (portals), through which an object can pass, thereby displacing it to a separate location. That location can be millimeters, miles, or with extreme focus, light years away. There is also the possibility of transcending dimensions. Addileon can manipulate the location & movement of these gateways as well. He can also use them to produce two-dimensional viewers of either an event he imagines or something that is happening in the meanwhile. Addileon also has the power of flight, augmented resilience, strength, & speed comparable currently of ten Olympians. As he increases in age, experience, & control of his abilities, these stats will grow as well.

WEAPONS/TOOLS: Addileon carries with him a large hammer, named Ascension, which was given to him by his father. The hammer is an unbreakable Nubian weapon forged of a special Nubian ore that is psychically linked to its wielder. The wielder with but a thought can reshape it. Addileon can also funnel his Krimson Flame into Ascension. Addileon refuses to wear a costume as he views such with negativity. He often wears black or blue jeans & black or tan timberland boots. He has a red customized HALLBOY football jersey with the number 23 he wears. He also wears hooded sweatshirts quite often, sometimes beneath the jersey.

Addileon is the second son of Addison B. Hall though he is the first child spawned from the union between Addison & his wife, A-MiSha-D, a woman of the original Nubia before it was destroyed. Addison, Addileon’s father, belonged to a group of heroic adventurers in his youth named the Black Death, whose varying abilities were a direct result of exposure to an ancient godlike being named Beta Demonicus, the second of the Great Evils of Nubia.
When a group of acolytes attempted to combine the powers of two evils in Addison they thought their attempts had failed. Later they found that their aspirations had been realized within his son Addileon, whose molecular structure was in constant undetectable subatomic flux. These reconfigurations stabilized when he reached the age of 14, and he was accosted by a minion of a former rival of his father who was sent to abscond with the boy from his school. His abilities manifested themselves & he defeated the foe.
The original members of Black Death have an inherent ability to detect the awakenings of individuals when their powers first proliferate. This aptitude notified his father & his uncle, James, in particular. Addileon was, at first, reluctant to accept his birthright. After the cajoling of his father & a literally out of the blue encounter with his uncle, William James Hall, Addileon came to acknowledge his capabilities & then acquiesced to their demand. It was then that he was sent to stay with his uncle William for a summer to be trained in the use of his power.



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3 thoughts on “Crimson Flame (Character)

  • June 27, 2015 at 1:31 am

    Has this character been published

    • June 28, 2015 at 12:57 pm

      Not quite sure JJ, I could not locate a first appearance or a publisher…that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been published it just means the character and writer are not very popular. If I find a link to purchase the book, I will let you know!

  • January 21, 2016 at 11:45 pm

    Can’t seem to find that image of Crimson Flame in Mshindo’s DA gallery (perhaps I overlooked it).

    Where did the information about the character originate if the published status is unknown?
    (Also, not to nitpick or anything, but it’s “Kuumba” — the second U seems to have been accidentally left out.)


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