Elijah Alexander (Character)

Elijah Alexander


Created by: Eric Dean Seaton

1st appearance: Legend of the Mantamaji Book 1

Nationality: Mantamaji

Height: 6 feet  Weight: 190

Eyes: Brown    Hair: None

Relatives: Mariah Alexander (mother), Candor Alexander (father)

Skills and abilities: All forms Martial Arts dating back 3000 years.

Powers: Super strength, the ability to Morph his Ankh into any weapon he can think of and the power to create Illusions.

Weapons: Ankh


Elijah Alexander grew up poor and always on the move with only his mother, Mariah, in his corner. But through drive and determination, he became a New York Assistant District Attorney. As a brash, media-hogging ADA, he made his mark by dismantling every major crime syndicate in New York in only six months. Elijah’s goals include a corner office at NY’s most powerful law firm and his face plastered across all media. But now that he’s become aware of his true calling, can he turn his back on his dream and accept the responsibility placed before him?

Marcus Roberts

Marcus is a freelance writer and longtime comic book collector. He is a husband and father of two. He is also a certified Life Skills Coach with a degree in psychology. He is a moderator for the Independent Creators Connection (ICC) and ICC Anthologies groups and an administrator for the Heroes of Color page on Facebook,and the creator of Project Nexus and The Protector. Written credits include Jennifer Rash's Dream Angel , and from ICC Publishing, IHERO 3,Imperia: The Chaos of Calamity and ICC Magazine (Available on IndyPlanet), and The Protector (Available on Comixology, Indyplanet, and Adventcomics.com/unboundrealms)

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4 thoughts on “Elijah Alexander (Character)

  • March 20, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    I just picked this up today, on ComiXology. It’s been in my Wish List, for a couple months. I read a couple chapters of book one, before work. I loved it, from the jump. Great art, interesting story, diversity of the characters, and a great read. I might buy books 2&3, after work. Lol

    • March 22, 2015 at 5:46 pm

      Make sure and pick up the whole series! It will pleasantly surprise you!

  • March 21, 2015 at 11:57 am

    This is the worst bio – write up of a character yet. Nothing about the kind of people he’s fighting or why. Sounds like a pretty purposeless character to me. I also hate the ‘he grew up poor’ scenario. To hear America tell it, all Blacks grew up that way…

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