Savage Dragon #196, #197, #198, #199 and #200 Review

Savage Dragon #196


Strange things are going on in Chicago’s notorious Danger Zone. The poor and downtrodden are being mysteriously transformed into hideous freaks and Malcolm Dragon is being thrown into a situation beyond what he’s used to as he faces a horde of desperate killers with power to spare. Malcolm’s struggle to measure up to his famous father intensifies as he plunges into a new, dangerous adventure.

The bold new direction continues!


A badly injured Malcolm awakens in a prison cell guarded by a mutated woman named Zelda. His ex-girlfriend Maxine meanwhile breaks up with her boyfriend. Dart’s vicious circle meanwhile hunts everywhere for him. When Malcolm breaks free the circle descend on him.  Malcolm cuts a swath through their forces until he undergoes a frightening mutation thanks to the water given to him by Zelda.


What I thought

By now everyone knows I dig Erik Larsen’s art. He handles fight scenes effortlessly and his jack Kirby-esque style has me by the low hangers. The action is over the top and the stuff that classic 90’s style comics are made of. I love seeing the vicious circle in action it reminds me of my youth and the long days of yesterday when Savage Dragon was new on the scene. After the events of last issue Dart and her new gang spend this issue searching for the injured Malcolm Dragon in the hope that they can finish him off before he recovers.

Not feeling the cover on this one. This issue is also quite violent so don’t read it with your young kids. Malcolm may not be the legal age to drink but he sure has no problem killing anything and anyone that gets in his way. There is a crap load of moral ambiguity here, everything is all grey. That would be cool with me but the guy who gets killed this issue was more misguided and misunderstood than evil. Can’t say I approve or that our more soft hearted fans won’t object to this one.

stars- 3 good



Savage Dragon #197

Malcolm Dragon is transformed into a hideous freak as he faces his greatest menace yet—a deadly virus that turns average people into mindless monsters! Get ready for a whole new Savage Dragon!


Malcolm is out of control and kills most of the vicious circle his girlfriend Maxine tries to calm him down. Dart is pissed and decides to take matters into her own hands. Zelda prompts Malcolm to get the cure for their own mutations by going to Bellco Chemicals. He recovers from his mutation and goes to deal with the chemical plant but Dart shows up and slices off both his hands. Malcolm delivers a deadly head butt to her back right as he pases out. At the hospital


What I thought

The cover for this issue has Malcolm with the mutation from last time eyes glossed over in rage with huge Sabretooth like teeth bared and snarling at the reader. I loved the over the top action which is a staple of this series, you either love it or hate it. I also enjoyed how Malcolm aided Zelda and friends to solve their chemical related problem. The art is as stellar as always though it is an acquired taste.

Not pleased with Malcolm losing his electrical powers. As he laments those were his best powers. Sucks to now just have super strength and regeneration without the elemental component. Overall I give this issue 3/5 Stars

stars- 3 good




Savage Dragon #198

Malcolm Dragon faces the Uncanny Ant-Menaces! The Ant Queen and her deadly Ant Men invade the surface world and one man stands in their way! A deadly new threat for the son of the Savage Dragon!


Malcolm defeats a troll on his way to school. Maxine goes on a blind date with a police officer. Malcolm investigates a hole he unearthed while battled the Vicious Circle. Inside one of his police friends has been captured by a mess of creatures from inside the planet. Maxine leaves home and calls Malcolm to move into his apartment. Malcolm tries to close the whole but a huge monster grabs hold of him.


What I thought

Art is awesome as always. I mostly enjoyed the high school portions of this issue which had Malcolm trying to get to school on time for his first days of senior year. My black ass is thirty  and I get a serious kick out these high school moments they remind me of a simpler time when we didn’t have the stress of kids, bills and all this adult bull $hit. I also enjoyed Maxine’s character development as she moved from being defined by her traditional Asian parents to breaking out on her own as an adult. I also loved the flashback to the first meeting of Malcolm and Maxine before they hit high school. Again this was a very nostalgic moment as I found myself bathed in memories of my wife who I also met before we hit high school.

The conflict with the creatures from inside the planet was just the villains of the week and was there for filler. I give this issue a solid 4/5

stars- 4 very good




Savage Dragon #199

COUNTDOWN TO ISSUE #200 REACHES ITS PENULTIMATE ISSUE! Malcolm Dragon tackles the deadly Demonoids! It’s an allout underworld war as the Lava Lords, Ant-Menaces, and Demonoids battle it out for world domination—and whoever wins—we lose!! The surface world is on fire and the son of the Savage Dragon is in over his head!


What I thought

Splash pages galore! Erik Larsen goes all out for this one as every page is a gorgeous two page spread. I am blown away by just how many splash pages Larsen has managed to squeeze into this one.  I also liked how Larsen spun the villain of the week situation into much more than it was. Meaning he manages to use that tried and true and often boring mantra to update Malcolm’s sister on the status of his relationship. Provided and adrenaline filled situation which was bound to draw Dragon and Maxine closer together while having his sister get jealous and introduce new readers to allot of the other superheroes running around the Savage Dragon neck of the woods.

Not a bg fan of the plot which involves the villain of the week being defeated rather easily.

Overall this issue highlighted Erik Larsen’s gorgeous art while furthering character driven moments which is left by the wayside nowadsy. Just ask Peter David. We give this one 3.5/5

stars- 3.5



Savage Dragon #200

Savage Dragon is out of prison and the Vicious Circle is gunning for him. Malcolm Dragon and his stepsister Angel join forces to keep their father alive against an all-out assault in this movie-length epic. Back up stories include an Angel and Mr. Glum story drawn by Batman alum CHRIS BURNHAM, Malcolm and Savage Dragon in WWII by legendary Incredible Hulk artist HERB TRIMPE, Special Agents Strikeforce by NIKOS KOUTSIS, Vanguard by GARY CARLSON and FRANK FOSCO and Malcolm Dragon by TRAVIS SENGAUS.


In the aftermath of last issue Malcolm takes Maxine home to his apartment and the two have sex for the first time. In prison father Dragon is abducted. Angel visits Malcolm’s apartment only to find him and her best friend Maxine having sex. Maxine suggests that they have a threesome since Angel and Malcolm are not really related. They all hop in bed together. Later on Angel and Malcolm battle remnants of the vicious circle searching for papa Dragon. They find him in a bar having already liberated himself. When more of the circle attacks the Dragon family like old times kick the snot out of them all. As Malcolm and Angel say goodbye to their father the police let them know that Dart has escaped from Prison yet again.

What I thought

Everyone knows I love Erik Larsen’s art style and thus I was very satisfied on the art front. This issue also pointed out just how crazy teenage sex can be. I mean a threesome just took place between a step brothers’s his stepsister and her best friend. For those who have been in such a situation (the three some not the step sister lol) know it’s usually the most random of occurrences if not planned not to mention Maxine just opened pandora’s box since Malcolm and Angel have feelings for each other. Things are about to be very interesting for Malcolm and Maxine!  Equally as awesome were the character moments between the family and Papa Dragon as they talk about sex…and the innuendo of what the step siblings have done. This was a hilarious moment and made Savage Dragon oen of my favourite books of 2014!

There are a ton of back up stories as well bringing the book to almost a hundred pages of Savage Dragon and friends tales. Erik Larsen should be very proud of this accomplishment since this book still has the original creative team and is still being published under the image comics banner. That is a milestone, kudos and congrats to Erik Larsen on 200 issues of Savage Dragon and here’s to 200 more with him at the helm! We give this issue 4/5 stars!

Make mine Savage!

stars- 4 very good


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2 thoughts on “Savage Dragon #196, #197, #198, #199 and #200 Review

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  • January 11, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    I actually came here looking for Generation X reviews and stumbled on some Savage Dragon.
    I’ve been an onoff fan of the Dragon for years. ( Though I don’t really care much for the savage world portion from 76 to 100. ) But what I have always loved about the Dragon is the wild unpredictable directions it goes in and commits to.
    And Larsen isn’t afraid to shake things up.
    Most plot lines usually don’t over stay their welcome and the series never stays the same or is in one place too long, it’s always moving forwards.
    And it’s, in so far I know, the only series willing and able to replace it’s titular character for the son of said character.
    Which is awesome in it’s own right.

    The Savage Dragon is also one of the few comic books that has been in a uninterrupted run, by the original creator, since it was launched 23 years ago. ( 23 ? …damn) The only other series that can make that claim, is Gold Digger, ..also 23 years ago.
    Think 1993 was a good year ?

    Back to The Savage Dragon, I only have the first 100 issues and I don’t plan to get the second half just yet.
    Mostly because I have gotten this insane idea to review The Savage Dragon,
    Gold Digger and all of IDW Transformers series
    That’s well over 600 comics and the series are stil on going ! …I’m soooo screwed.
    Especially considering I am only just getting started.
    Watch me suffer, ..ahem, go through the mentioned series in the link provided if you feel so inclined.
    Anyway, I feel that The Dragon is severely under rated, it does things most comics don’t even dare to do, and it’s never content to just uphold the status quo.


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