Mighty Avengers (2013) #12 Review

Mighty Avengers 2013 #12 cover


• Election Night, 1972. Under a moonless sky, unspeakable evil slouched towards Manhattan to be born…

• …and the only people who could hold it back were the original Mighty Avengers.

• Meanwhile, in the present day – history repeats itself! But this time, have the Mighty Avengers already failed?


The Good

StoryLuke’s father continues his tale of the 70’s original Mighty Avengers and how they came into conflict with the Deathwalkers. In the present he apologizes to his son for pushing him away. At modern Mighty Avengers HQ Molina and Kaluu bring the team up to speed on the Deathwalkers and their plan to destroy the world.

Cover– I like the split screen cover showing both the modern and 70’s mighty avengers. The colors are rich, dynamic and it all looks great.

Black Heroes– Roll call! This issue we get plenty of Blade and Blue Marvel and Luke Cage, with appearances by Monica Rambeau, Ava Ayala, Power Man, She Hulk and Falcon (soon to be Captain America).. The gangs all here and ready to kick ass and take names next issue!

Villains-The Deathwalkers this issue manage to come across as a legitimate threat now that we have seen them in action. Lichidus in particular because of his power over water even the blood in one’s veins make him a decidedly nasty piece of work.

Build up-This issue alongside the recent New Avengers stuff has done a pretty good job in building up to the inevitable showdown between the two groupings.

Art-Greg Land does a decent job this issue, not his best work but adequate to the task of illustrating the back story, flashback and action necessary to progress the story.


The Bad

Art-This month’s interiors are not nearly as strong as last issue.

Retcon-I know a great many fans, blackheromarcus included have a real hard time reconciling established continuity with these kinds of retcons and if you fall into said category this issue and this series overall will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth no matter which way you slice it.

That’s it- So after years of resentment between them Luke Cage’s response to his father after years and years of abandonment and no communication simply asks his old man if he wants to meet his granddaughter…Seriously? I know a thing or two about family drama and that right there is pure up and down fiction. There is no way in heaven hell or the crossroads in between this conversation would have ended the way it did here. That quite honestly pulled me out of the


The Ugly

Overall this was an enjoyable tale, it managed to tell the tale of the 70’s Mighty Avengers resolve years of tension between Luke and his father and setting up a finale showdown for the fate of the earth between the modern Mighty Avengers and the Deathwalkers. I give this issue- 3/5

stars- 3 good


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  • August 23, 2014 at 5:11 pm


    Issue #12 was cool, but I wouldn’t call Papa Cage revelation a “sin” so I am trying to comprehend the tie -in to original sin, but anyway. The story is developing well with Blade’s past being the focal point and the connection with the older and current members legacy. It was funny how Papa Cage freaked out around the other superheroes, he knew he was out of his league, that was well done. I was confused but I thought Blue Marvel wife was black? It was obvious she is drawn as a white woman. I only bring it up because in the earlier issues Marvel’s sons are black men with the same complexion as their dad. Should they both be much lighter in complexion? I just want an honest reflection of this kind of interracial coupling.

    Extra: What’s Up writers? Blue Marvel, Luke Cage and Blade. A sista can’t get no love from the brothers. Not hating just saying.


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