James Lucas (Character)

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Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by Marcus Mclaurin and Dwayne Turner

1st appearance: Cage #3, June 1992

Alias: James Geary, James Leonard Lucas, James Lucas Sr.

Nationality:  American

Team Affiliations: Mighty Avengers

Legal Status: US citizen with no criminal record.

Height: 6’1                Weight: 245 lbs

Eyes: Brown                    Hair: Black

Relatives: Jessica Jones (Daughter in Law), Danielle Cage (Grand daughter), Carl Lucas/Luke Cage (Son), Esther Lucas (Wife, deceased), James Jr./Coldfire (Son)

Skills and abilities: Armed and unarmed combat training thanks to his time as a police officer.

Powers: None.



James Lucas was a hot-shot detective in the 70’s who joined with Blue Marvel, Blade, Kaluu, The Bear and others to form the original Mighty Avengers to thwart the Death Walkers [Mighty Avengers vol.2 #11].

Retirement years

After retiring from the police force he started a family with Esther Lucas. He was a stern disciplinarian for his sons Luke and James Jr. though he was a good father and provider his son Luke became a gang member which put a strain on their relationship. James often found it embarrassing to collect his son from the police station for his gang member lifestyle since he was an ex-cop [Cage #3].

First appearance of James Lucas from Cage #3
First appearance of James Lucas from Cage #3

When Esther was killed by one of Carl’s fellow gang members. Carl witnessed the murder and was brought up on charges revolving around the incident [Cage #17]. He and Luke both blamed Luke for her death. They stopped communicating after this and Luke sank deeper into the gang culture [Cage #15].

James Jr became his sole guardian after his wife died and Luke Cage became a superhero. James Jr. tried to keep them apart. When Jr brought him to corporation headquarters Sr, wanted nothing to do with it since he realized it was based on segregation and hatred [Cage #13]. Unknown to James Sr. his son had survived his time in prison and became the superhero Luke Cage. He decides to leave James Jr. but is captured by Manslaughter and later rescued by his son Luke and witnesses the death of James Jr./Coldfire. He and Luke reconcile [Cage #14].

When the newspapers rehashed the death of his wife it brought up tensions between him and Luke [Cage 17].

Modern Times

He changed his name to James Geary and cut all ties to his son Luke. At church he met a woman and the two got married. During secret invasion when Luke was trying to find him his wife Jessica Jones tracked him down. James refused to talk with them but his wife had a brief exchange with the couple [New Avengers Vol.1 #47]. During Original Sin Luke finds out about his father’s time with the 70’s Mighty Avengers and the two finally have a heartfelt talk [Mighty Avengers Vol.2 #11].


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