Luke Cage Vs Colossus

It’s been a mighty long time since we had one of these debates but it’s been on my mind for awhile. So here goes!

Luke Cage vs ColossusThe X-men’s colossus


the Avenger’s Luke Cage

Who would win

if these two went head to head in battle?!

Sound off below!



What I think

Colossus is stronger and more durable than Luke. His feats simply outclass Luke in every way. Colossus has gone toe to toe with Juggernaut, Gladiator and Thor. Even according to the official marvel stats Colossus is simply stronger and more durable than Luke.

In terms of ingenuity and smarts in combat Luke Cage seems to think more on his feet and is pretty resourceful in a pinch. Colossus is more of a straight up brawler while Luke has had training with Iron Fist. and is used to using an opponents momentum and strength against them.

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16 thoughts on “Luke Cage Vs Colossus

  1. Luke has more experience than Colossus cause he was a hero for hire when Colossus was still a child. I always wished marvel would’ve increased Luke’s power through his DNA mixed with Wakandan herbs or Egyptian power bands like Thor’s belt. With that being said, Toe to toe fight as much as it pains me to say this…Colossus wins 85% of the time.

  2. Unfortunately I would have to say that Colossus would when because of his fusion with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. The Juggernaut’s power source combined with his already Omega level strength would much more than Luke could handle.

  3. Colossus all day long! He fought bigger, badder, meaner, more skilled cats, and kicked ass or held his own. The danger room fights plus being trained in warfare will level Cage. He and the X-men never have a day off, they fight on the regular! Love Cage, but this is no contest!

  4. Cage is good, but against someone with so much invulnerability, strength and endurance, Cage would at least need a good weapon. Ebony blade? Sure. Cap’s shield? OK. Maybe some way to superheat and then superfreeze him causing him to crack. Yeah. But just hands? No. Pitor is just too durable to get knocked out by someone with a quarter of his strength. Even WW Hulk and Juggernaut don’t easily take down Colossus and even they don’t ever seem to take him down for more than moments.

  5. Colossus, I’m going by both their fights with Warhawk. Luke battled with Warhawk while Colossus made short work of him. The winner Colossus!

  6. Luke Cage’s strength alone is on par with She Hulk, Luke Cage wins. Besides, didnt you see how quickly Collosus went down in Xmen DOFP??!?

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