Ultimate Comics Spider-man #19 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-man 19 1


Miles finally has his costume, his web shooters, and now he has his first A-list Spider-Man villain! There’s a new Venom in town and he’s hungry!

All this, plus Miles’ new girlfriend and the return of award-winning Ultimate Spider-Man artist Sara Pichelli!


At school Ganke gets Miles chemistry equipment so he can make more web fluid. At the home of Miles Morales his dad is harassed by a news crew. His dad confronts them and gets attacked by Venom.

The Good

Humor- This is one of the more pleasant books I read each month, it really is a fitting read on a weekend after work because it literally puts you in a good mood. The scene where Miles runs out of web fluid is both embarrassing and hilarious!

Art- Oooh lordy it’s the return of Sarah Pichelli the lady who along with Bendis originated this great tale to begin with! Welcome back Ms. Pichelli!!

Consequences- It’s always good to see follow through from a previous adventure, in this case Miles father’s confrontation with agents of Hydra a few issues back.

Girlfriend- While the solicits talk of a girlfriend the only thing that happens this issue is Miles gets an admirer in his class, a hot lil white rocker girl but they don’t even talk though she was giving him the eye.

Cover-Not the best cover this series has ever seen but not the worst either.

The Bad

Art- Pichelli may be back but this issue still had a very rushed feel with less detail than the lady typically does.

Crossover- Tell me it ain’t so! We just ended one crossover please don’t drag Miles into yet another so soon afterwards.

The Ugly

This issue also felt like filler (like the crossover before it) despite the return of Pichelli 2.5/5


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