AVX Cyclops vs Storm


Cyclopheonix vs Storm Phoenix

De-powered Storm kicked Scott’s ass back in the day(See Uncanny X-men #201 for details)

if both had the power of the Phoenix who would be triumphant?

Scott is clearly a world class threat defeating even Thor with the Phoenix added to his powers

Storm Phoenix on the other hand conquered earth itself and defeated all who opposed her


8 thoughts on “AVX Cyclops vs Storm

  1. I would have to give the edge to Storm. Not only is her weather control more powerful, her skills that she learned not only as a sneak thief-pickpocket and her personal training from Wolverine when she lost her powers would give her a edge. Plus she’s kicked his ass before for leadership of the X-Men WHILE she didn’t have her powers!!!!

    While Cyke is an amazing tactician, he’s still not that great i n1-on-1 situations. Storm wins hands down.

    • LOL! Yeah he is one of those characters you wish with all your heart would die and stay dead! I just don’t understand why everyone is into his punkass character so much!

  2. Storm for the win. With or without the Phoenix force. She’s more powerful and more versatile. Hand to hand would be more interesting, but I think she is more accomplished than he is in this area as well and would likely beat him in a good fight.

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