Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #523 Review


The lights are out and Black Panther/T’challa along with Sofija cut a swath through Hate Monger’s American Panther and the police officers under his control. T’challa makes his way through the crowd and confronts Hate Monger. In the end the American Panther costume is stolen and those involved are arrested. T’challa then removes the records implicating Foggy Nelson and an unknown man takes over the American panther mantle.


The Good

Xenophobia- It was nice of Liss to touch back on the xenophobia currently sweeping America during the recession, it was missed last issue.

Characterization- I loved T’challa using his Mcgyver skills to create some kick ass technology not just to free himself from captivity but to also exercise the Hate Monger soul essence from the man inciting the riots.  T’challa also showed his skills by easily dispatching the American Panther and the mob.

Fear Itself- THANK GOD IT’S DONE! (nuff said) we could have done without these tie in issues.

The Bad

The American Panther- Still very disappointed with how things unfolded, still no explanation why a “panther” motif was used to “inspire” the rioters. It makes no sense honestly, a simple American flag motif like the captain America would have been a more logical fit. To top things off the costume gets stolen after the tainted perception it has already received and gets donned by what we suspect is Kasper Cole. Though this is wishful thinking on our part it could very well be another random guy with no ties to the Panther Mythos.

Art- (Shakes head) Seriously marvel unless Francavilla’s art can improve and be consistent why can’t we get another artist? This issue suffered from uneven art and frankly I’m tired of it.


The Ugly



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