Miles Morales (Character)

Miles Morales-Spider-man

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by: Brian Michael Bendis

1st appearance: Ultimate Fallout #4, August 2011

Alias: Blatino Spider-man, Latino Spider-man, Black Spider-man

Nationality: American

Relatives: Jefferson (dad), Rio Morales (mom, deceased), Aaron/Prowler (uncle, deceased)

Powers: Miles is a mutate having his genes altered by a genetically altered spider. He has displayed the following powers so far:

-Superhuman strength: He has the proportional strength of a spider, allowing him to lift things many times his weight and height class.

-Superhuman agility: His body is beyond that of peak human allowing him to do things beyond the best athletes.

-Spider Sting: Unlike Peter Parker he can stun or paralyze an opponent by touching them, it has the same effect as a spider bite.

-Spider-sense: when in a dangerous situation his mind will tingle allowing him to react to the situation before hand.

-Camouflage: Miles and whatever is in contact with him can blend into his surroundings allowing him to sneak up on enemies or flee.

-Superhuman durability: Miles body is far more resistant to physical harm than that of a typical human allowing him to withstand blows, falls etc that would kill a normal human.



Miles Morales is the son of Puerto Rican born Rio Morales and African American Jefferson Davis. He had a normal life though he idolized Spider-Man. His life changed when his uncle broke into Oscorp to steal the formula which created Spider-Man and in the process an experimental spider crawled into his bag. Miles who had always been close to his wayward uncle visited him after the heist. Miles as luck would have it got bitten by the spider and gains powers similar to Peter Parker [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1].

Miles Morales (6)

He confides his abilities in his best friend Ganke Lee [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2]. Miles initially wants to keep his powers secret and has no intention to become a superhero [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3]. Upon witnessing Peter Parker’s heroic death Miles is wracked by guilt since he has been sitting on his abilities and could have helped. At the suggestion of his best friend and after a talk with Gwen Stacey he decides to take up the vacant Spider-man mantle [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4]. His initial heroic outings are met with distaste because he wore a costume version of the original’s suit [Ultimate Fallout #4]. Spider-Woman easily defeats and arrests him [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #4]. Taken to Nick Fury he learned that they know all about him, his powers and his family. This is the first time he learns his uncle is the supervillain Prowler. Nick lets him go and later gifts a red and black Spider-Man costume to him. Officially now Spider-man he begins his heroic career in earnest [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #5]Miles also meets an older alternate version of Peter Parker who gives him his blessings and mechanical web shooters [Spider-Men #1-#5]. Miles Morales (1)

His uncle Aaron realized he was the New Spider-man and offered to train him in exchange for helping him deal with the Mexican crime lord Scorpion. Miles doesn’t want to be involved but is blackmailed by his uncle into assisting him take over Scorpion’s operation after his uncle threatens to reveal his identity to his father. The tension between Uncle and Nephew escalates into a battle in which Aaron’s stolen technology explodes, killing him [Ultimate Comics spider-man #8,Ultimate Comics spider-man #9, Ultimate Comics spider-man #10, Ultimate Comics spider-man #11, Ultimate Comics spider-man #12].

As Spider-Man he joined the Ultimates during the “Divided we fall” and “United we stand” events Captain America even agrees to train him. [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #13, Ultimate Comics Spider-man #14, Ultimate Comics Spider-man #15, Ultimate Comics Spider-man 16-18]

Upon returning home reporter Betty Brant incorrectly deduces that his father Jefferson is Spider-man. Before she can have her story published Dr. Marcus now Venom kills her and confiscates her notes. He uses this information to find Jefferson’s home where he’s seriously injured and Miles fights off Venom. When Venom shows up at the hospital he and Miles have a final showdown. In the fracas his mother learns his secret identity but is killed by a stray police bullet. She dies in Miles arms but not before warning him to hide his secret from his father [Ultimate Comics Spider-man #19,#20, #21 and #22].

Traumatized Miles quits being Spider-man for a year [Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #21]. He is pulled back into the lifestyle after much prodding from Ganke, Spider-woman and Gwen Stacey and the debut of Cloak and Dagger, new super soldiers created by Roxxon.[Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #22,#23,#24 and #25]


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