Windshear (Character)


Publisher: Marvel Comics

Created by:  Fabian Nicieza and Michael Bair

1st appearance: Alpha Flight #87, 1990

Real Name: Colin Ashworth Hume

Nationality: Canadian

Team Affiliations: Alpha Flight, Roxxon Oil

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with no criminal record

Height: 6’              Weight: 200 lbs

Eyes: Brown             Hair: Black

Relatives: Jacqueline Freeman Hume (Mother), Franklin “Frank” Hume (Father), Martin Freeman (Grandfather, Deceased)

Skills and abilities: Trained hand to hand combatant

Powers: Windshear could create solidified molecules of air via transmogrification. This hard air could be manipulated for a range of different effects. He could project a stream of HA which struck with concussive force, flight, shields, concussive explosions, transforming air and gases into solids or entrapping things in blocks of solid air. The weakness of this power is that he would be hit with psionic backlash if his constructs were destroyed.

He wore a suit which helped him control and project his powers, the helmet had a radio communicator and retractable faceplate. The suit granted him super strength and resistance to injury.  He later wore a modified version of this suit when he joined alpha flight.


Colin was born in Canada but moved to England with his mother and her diplomat husband. At puberty he manifested his mutant power of Hard Air (HA). He later got a job with Roxxon Oil’s UK branch. With his suit he was a major asset to their business. When their computers malfunctioned he was sent in to deal with the situation but failed. He contacted Alpha Flight and Diamond Lil and Madison Jeffries tried to help but also failed. It was only when Forge of the X-men stepped in that they successfully exercised the spirit of James Hudson from the system and he returned to Canada and joined Alpha Flight on a probationary basis. Thanks to a mission with Fantastic Four he was made a full member of the team quickly. He helped the Avengers against the alien consortium and Galactus and was made the team’s chief administrator thanks to background in Roxxon Oil. He mentored Alpha Flight’s Gamma Flight and clashed with the wrecking Crew. When Alpha Flight was disbanded he retired from the superhero scene and returned to a life in England where he opened a curio shop which sold Solid Air sculptures. He later came under investigation when it was discovered that HA samples he had made for Roxxon were being used as bullets by the assassin Scourge. He was de-powered on M-Day and is now a normal human.

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