Jack in the Box 2 (Character)

Jack in the Box 2

Created by:  Kurt Busiek

1st appearance: Astro City vol.2 #3, 1995

Real Name: Zachary ‘Zack’ Johnson

Nationality: American

Team Affiliations: None

Legal Status: U.S.A citizen with no criminal record

Height: 5’10″              Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Brown         Hair: black

Known Relatives: Jack in the box 1 (Father, deceased), Tamara (wife), Mother (Deceased), Jerome Johnson (Son)

Skills and abilities: Skilled street fighter, background in engineering.

Powers: Jack in extremely agile and skilled in gymnastics. His costume is fitted with retractable spring loaded arms and legs allowing him further reach, agility and enhancing his blows. His gloves have in each finger enzymes, allot like Spider-man’s Web fluid allowing him to ensnare a target.  He also carries with himself a satchel with an assortment of other devices.


Born into a family where his father was a superhero, he lived a sheltered life up until the age of twelve when his father died. Mysteriously there was no funeral and no body, the young boy wondered if in fact his father had really died or if he had abandoned them. In an attempt to live up to his father’s expectations despite not knowing what they were he went on to study engineering and designing toys of his own. When he turned eighteen his mother died and in the process of selling the estate he found his father’s gadgets and journals. He also realized that the Underworld was not dead along with learning it’s true identity. He became the second Jack in the box to avenge his father and bring them to justice and just like his father he remained a hero even after completing this task. He inspired a group of young homeless boys to become the “Trouble Boys” a non violent group which emulate his heroics and gymnastics skills.

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