Hawkeye & Patriot

Hawkeye and Patriot are not even officially a “couple” since they have this mutual chemistry and spend all their waking hours together but can’t ever admit to each other they have feelings for each other. Complicated? Yes! Filled with Drama/ you betcha!!

These two met after the debut of the young Avengers right after the official Avengers were disbanded following the scarlet witch’s decent into madness and destroying said team. Patriot at the time was saving her from a hostage situation and immediately they had a clash of personalities.

Needless to say she tagged along after that, getting mixed up in the Time lost kang situation and saved the team from being handed over in said situation. Her quick temper and standing up to Captain America landed her the codename Hakeye and Clint Barton’s Bow. She adventured with the team and almost always had an awkward flirtation with Patriot.

It was on an actual date, which neither would admit to that they almost shared their first kiss. But as I said, awkward is there thing (lol). It was during this time that Kate went on a date with Speed, one of the Scarlet witch’s sons.

They shared a kiss and a theft (long story cut short) and she realized….she had feelings for Patriot. She rushed home wrapped her arms around him and planted what Sex and the city would call a “Hollywood kiss” on a brotha.  They now at leats admit to a mutaual chemistry but havent had to to go much deeper since their embroiled in the “Children’s crusade” situation.

Ah Young love…. 🙂


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