Young Justice Episode 6-Infiltrator Images


The team gets some R and R before being introduced to new teammate Artemis. Red Arrow the newly minted Speedy drops by to let the team know that he’s rescued a physicist who has given the League of assassin a nanite bomb capable of destroying all technology and copying all data stored their in. Batman leaves the team in charge and they end up fighting Cheshire, Hook and a spider dude. They beat them and stop the nanites before they strip Wayne tech which would have compromised the batcave. During the fracas Artemis shows an attraction to Superboy and a connection to the league of assassins. She even lets Cheshire escape while she had the upper hand. They welcome her to the team and Red Arrow warns her he knows her past, and will be watching her from here on in. “The light” those mysterious villains from episode 2 make another appearance confident now that they have an agent working on the young Justice team.


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