Respect Blade: The vampire hunter pt1

speed, reflexes and a variety of  jumping feats


Blade Moves out of the way of an attack in the blink of an eye, then while his opponent points a gun at him he knocks the weapon from her hand swiftly.


Evades a speed-blitz from Spitfire and counterattacks


After unexpectedly getting shot in leg by multiple machine gun fire Blade still has the speed to evade a barrage of machine gun bullets


Evades machinegun fire from a fairly close distance


Ducks under a point blank gun shot after it was fired and slices the vamps gunhand off


Acts with speed and  non-lethal attack


Slices up a vampire into 7 pieces and sheaths his sword before the vamp falls apart


Blocks gunfire with a chain


Catches Morbius while running across some rooftops


he’s just too fast


Speed blitzes the Whiteworm


Catches two knives tossed at him with ease


Blade has “blinding speed and reflexes


Evades multiple lazers


Reacts as fast as a speeding bullet using it to free himself


Blade speed-blitzing a large group of armed vampires


Evades close machine gun fire and is stated to move like lightning


Jumps so high his enemy thought he was flying


Jumps out of a airplane and lands on his feet

Jumps out a 3rd story window and lands on his feet


Jumps off the top of a good sized building and lands on his feet again


Closes a huge gap and kills a cop before he can pull the trigger


Steals a set of keys to his handcuffs without the cops even aware of it


Evades Spider-X’s acid venom who said he was faster and more agile than Spider-Man


Evades machine gun fire from three vampires


More to come!


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