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9 thoughts on “Blade vs Edward Cullen vs Angel

  • December 30, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    Edward Cullen hands down. Edward is made of stone, Blade fresh and blood, Angel, fresh and blood. Edward can move in seconds the others cant…

    • April 18, 2012 at 10:33 pm

      wtf!!! edward would be the last person to win! Edward isn’t made of stone! He’s made of sparkles! Angel and Blade have both staked, be-headed, and burned tons of vampires fifty times the size, strength, agility, and coolness of edward!

  • May 10, 2011 at 4:40 am

    The three combatants arrive on the battlefield. Angel, Blade, and Cullen look each other over to size up the competition. At a glance both Angel and Blade can tell the other has great amounts of combat experience fighting humans, vampires, and powerful supernatural beings. Upon realizing that they’d make worthy opponents for each other, they then look to Cullen and see nothing but a fairly young vampire with no real combat experience, who’s only advantage is super speed. Cullen looks to the other two vampires on the battlefield and attempts to use his ability to read emotions but realizes they are immune. Unable to gauge what they are feeling, his uneasiness becomes evident as he readies himself for the worst and shifts into a ready stance.

    Blade shifts his weight, ready to make the first move against an obviously inferior opponent when Angel motions for Blade to stop. Angel then raises his hand towards Cullen and begins a low chant. Cullen suddenly finds himself unable to move due to the immobilizing spell Angel just cast. Impressed with Angel’s display of power, Blade then pulls out a shotgun and fires it at Cullen. Cullen unable to move or speak can only stare in horror as a stream of flames spring forth from the shotgun that Blade had taken from Johnny Blaze years prior. The Hellfire sears at Cullen’s flesh, but not wanting to finish him off so quickly Blade ceases firing. The hellfire having broken the spell cast by Angel, Cullen falls to the ground now immobilized by pain as his body struggles to heal itself. Angel then calls out as loud as he can “CORDELIA!” and moments later the dragon he tamed (see Angel: After the Fall) swoops down onto the battlefield and rips apart the still healing Cullen before devouring his remains. Cordelia then flies off leaving Angel and Blade alone on the battlefield.

    The two warriors look to each other after the spectacle and give a nod of approval before shedding all of their weapons. Now on with even odds, the two mighty vampiric warriors charge at each other and leap into the air with fangs bared…

    How this ends is up to to the readers. Enjoy your imagination people!

  • November 17, 2011 at 6:13 am

    Stone or not Ed is still a just a suck head, and Blade and Angel have hunted and killed more than just your basic vampire so I think they’d be ready for Edward. I not a fan of Twilight so I don’t know Edward’s history, but I do know that while he was going to high school and dealing with small town BS, Blade and Angle have been kicking vampire and monster butt damn near all over the world. I caught a glimpse of how fast Edward is and it’s pretty fast, but you can’t forget that Angel and Blade aren’t typical vamps or vamp hunters so Edward would need to be on his game to pull a fast one on Blade or Angel. Naturally I think it would come down to Blade and Angel, if not cause they are better then because they ganged up on Edward for making the vampire breed look like a joke.

    In the end Angel would give Blade a run for his money, but with Angel having all of the vampire weaknesses then it would only be a matter of time that Blade puts him down…with his shades still on looking cool as ever.

  • January 26, 2012 at 7:39 am

    hand to hand Edward stomps either one.


    1. Immensely strong. In the books he’s stated as being able to throw a car like a basketball. This trumps any strength feats (by far) that I’ve seen of Blade’s. (don’t know much about Angel.

    2. Super fast. He’s stated as moving so fast that he can temporarily vanish from sight. Again far faster than either of the other two.

    3. Granite/marble hard skin…making him immune to just about any weapon that Blade has…including flamethrowers by the way…fire only works on dismembered Twilight vamps

    4. Edward is from a different universe than Angel is…so no guarantee that Angel’s spells would work on him…didn’t know Angel was a spell caster? Plus he can attack Angel (see #2) before Angel can ready and cast a spell.

    5. Telepathy. He’s constantly reading their minds so knows what they are planning….and since he’s far faster he can react to said plan.

    Unless Angel’s spells work (and that’s a big IF) either one soloing against Edward gets curb stomped.
    Twilight vampires are far tougher overall than the ones in Blade’s or Angel’s universe….Edward is something they’ve never faced before.
    As for Blade beating Frost and Dracula…um no. A serum did that. Hand to hand he was beaten like a drum. And Edward is nearly as fast as Frost. Add in his strength, his rock skin and telepathy and Blade doesn’t stand a chance. Angel doesn’t fare much better strictly hand to hand.

    Yes Ed’s a sparkly joke..but hand to hand he’s more powerful overall.

    • April 18, 2012 at 10:39 pm

      Angel has managed to beat the Slayer who is 15 times stronger than Edward (due to slayer strength) numerous times and also angel has a ring thats makes him invincible edward wouldn’t be able to kill him. just thought I’d point that out

    • August 13, 2012 at 12:14 am

      There are a few things you’re forgetting.

      Both Blade and Angel have earned a great deal of experience and skill in killing supernatural beasties. They not only know how to fight, but they know how to access situations quickly, strategize, and use their environment.

      Above and beyond this, Angel has been doing this kind of stuff for CENTURIES (he’s 250 to 750 years old–see below). He’s run into some pretty heavy hitters in his day. He’s also helped avert the apocalypse several times. And oh yes, let’s not forget that he spent anywhere from 100 to 500 years (sources were never clear about this) in a hell dimension … and SURVIVED. Also, Angleus wasn’t called the Scourge of Europe for nothing.

      Honestly, I think Edward has the least chance of survival. Even if he has superior speed and strength, he’s got no true skill. He WOULD mess up, and Blade and Angel WOULD take advantage of that. As for marble-hard skin … even marble can be broken. Just sayin’.

      • November 27, 2015 at 10:14 am

        No true skill? Forgot about his telepathy did we? He would know what they were planning and be ready for it BEFORE they moved. Pretty hard to mess up if you know what your opponent is going to do before he even moves. Remember Edward was able to tie with Jasper (who is a Blade equivalent in the Twilight ‘verse and has killed dozens of vampires.) But despite Jasper MUCH greater skill he was unable to overcome Edward because of Edward’s telepathy. Edward could sense where and how he was going to move…and have a counter ready for it.
        Remember the Twilight vamps were written by Meyer to be SUPER vampires…not regular ones. Diamond hard skin as opposed to the normal skin of vampires in the Blade/Angel worlds. Immense strength. Edward is shown lifting the top half of a moving van one handed…ripping a tree out of the ground again one handed and Alice has stated he can toss a Bently like a basketball. All are strength feats which Blade would find it difficult if not impossible to replicate…his max strength is listed at one ton last I saw…unless he had a major upgrade in the comics.
        Speed. Edward can move so fast he is temporarily invisible to the human eye. At least as fast as Blade if not faster.

        Even if he did “mess up” how exactly are they going to take advantage? None of Blade’s weapons would work on him.

        Besides with telepathy he would know that Blade and Angel would show up there ahead of time…so he just hides and lets the two of them fight it out…then attacks and kills the wounded and weakened survivor (:

  • October 23, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    I see Edward first being defeated, then leading to an epic showdown between the vampire hunter and the vampire with a soul. In the end it would come down to experience so I’m partially leaning on Angel.


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