Respect Monet St. Croix!!!

Speed, reflexes and strength feat From Generation x #65
Banshee gets shot at and monet catches and returns the bullet, This also shows her high resistance to injury since the speed at which the bullet is traveling would tear through a normal hand.

Speed, reflexes and strength feat From Generation #66
This also shows her superhuman reflexes and super strength, she rips open the Iron gates like nothing  then intercepts bullets fired at her while her back is turned without turning around perfectly. Even her teammates are surprised by her speed.

Speed feat From Generation #66
catches a rocket after its fired at a teammate (she was on the other side of the room I believe)….. and not only catches but defuses since it never goes off  😛

Speed feat From Generation #75
Jubilee is shot at point blank range, Monet clobbers the shooter grabs the bullet and saves lee in less time than it takes to blink. Great speed feat

Speed feat From Generation #75

Here Monet elaborates on the earlier feat she had time to catch the bullet and save lee at the same time lol

Strength Feat

Here are a few panels where she uses her super strength to hold full grown adults with one hand.

Strength Feat

Here is my personal favorite strength feat, from the peter David X-Factor series. Monet carries an elevator with a full grown man inside easily as she flies.

Strength feat

Monet rips the bars off a jail cell like they were paper Mache

Speed feat

Monet gets shot at and returns a flurry of bullets

Resilience and strength feat

Gets blasted point blank by Jubilee’s powers and is unfazed, she then tosses her teammate like a rag doll

Confirmed invulnerable

Here Monet confirms on panel that she is in fact invulnerable and proves it by being uninjured from Hulk’s assault while even colossus need to be healed.  Interestingly Hulk saw her invulnerability as problem enough to remove her from the battlefield almost immediately.


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