Killer Bee

Created by Masashi Kishimoto

1st appearance: Naruto Chapter #408
Powers: He has exceptional skill in the art of fighting and uses a bizarre many sworded technique in conjunction to mastery over the lightning element. Killer bee can also call on the power of the eight tailed beast and is the only person in the series to have complete control of his beast.


Kirābī or Killerbee , is a  very pleasant boy/shinobi from Kumogakure who was chosen as the vessel for the eight tailed beast. Despite the fear and hatred he insighted from his people he remained positive and worked hard to gain the love and trust of all those around him. As a host/Jinchuurichi he is unique in that he has complete control over his demon/tailed beast. He is an integral part of the naruto anime as he helps naruto to control the nine tailed fox. He is the younger Brother of the Raikage, mentor of Team Samui.


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